Healthy Hair Habits


If you’re like me and struggle with damaged, dry, brittle hair, then this one is for you.

Ever since I was young, my mother always cut my hair short. She was coloring it, perming it . . . you name it, I had it done! This resulted in my hair being severely damaged throughout my teen years into adulthood. I’m talking dry, frizzy, brittle hair that when you brush it, it just falls out everywhere. It really gave me a complex.

I tried for years to grow my hair long and healthy. It always ended in me hiding behind extensions. I’ve had sew-ins, tape-ins, clip-ins, single beads, and beaded weft (which was my favorite).

It was always the same result: my hair would grow, but also it would be super thin after removing them since your hair sheds and it had nowhere to go except in the beads. It was a routine that I fell into.

Color hair, cut it, feel good for a few days without my extensions in, and then get talked back into getting them from hairstylists because my hair wasn’t full or fluffy enough.

You fall into the social media hype of having luscious locks or looking like Instagram girls when in reality that’s not even their real hair!

This was a battle I thought I wasn’t going to win, and I would be forever stuck shelling out tons of money on hair every six months. Plus the installation and maintenance were just insane.



Then quarantine happened . . . hey, if ONE good thing came out of 2020, it was me embracing my natural beauty! My fiancé said, “Take these out already!” I mean what do I really have to lose? I’m stuck inside 24/7. No one is really seeing me; let’s see how I can turn my hair around by actually leaving it the heck alone!  

So that’s exactly what I did! If I show you what my hair looked like prior to now—wow, it’s a huge, HEALTHY difference! Don’t worry, I’m going to show you regardless of how embarrassed I am, because hey, there’s beauty on the other side of this. If you’re struggling like I was and feel like there’s no end in sight—there is. Don’t worry, we will get your hair healthy and healing!

I’m going to share my favorite tips and tricks with you if you’re struggling with trying to grow your hair out, fix the damaged, brittle hair, or just wanting products that will help maintain healthy hair. I got you, girl!

Hopefully, these tips will help you along the way to healthier, happier hair! I can’t wait to see your results and hear how my tips might have helped you.

10 Tips to Healthy, Happy Hair

1. Remove hair extensions now. If you don’t have hair extensions, skip to #2.

2. Find yourself a knowledgeable hairstylist. I mean someone who really perfects their craft. I can’t tell you how important this is. 

3. Get yourself a really good haircut, and you need to get a trim every three months if you’re trying to grow your hair out. I can’t stress enough how important this is. I’ve seen my hair grow more than ever after keeping up with my trims.

4. Invest in salon quality shampoo & conditioner. Currently I’m loving Tigi Copyright.

5. STOP—I repeat, STOP—washing your hair every single day! I know, I know. You girls with thin, greasy hair can’t take it, but you’re stripping your hair from its oils. Your hair will never get used to the natural oils it produces if you keep repeating the cycle.

6. Heat protectant is soooo important. If you’re like me, curling and straightening your hair daily. You’re going to need some protectant from that heat. I have a few favorites, like Copyright.

7. Oil is key. I love a good serum. It helps my frizziness and split ends and refreshes them. A few of my favorites are Moroccanoil, Paul Mitchell, and Copyright.

8. Throw away those elastic hair ties. Switch to scrunchies or spiral hair ties. This will help with less breakage.

9. Stick to your natural hair color or as close to it as you can. Once I did this, my hair started growing with less breakage, and now it’s thicker than ever.

10. Get a Wet Brush and brush from the ends to the roots. Once I discovered a Wet Brush, my life changed! Plus they’re always on sale on Amazon for less than $10.

You’re on your way to healthy hair already! Don’t wait to start. You get what you pay for, so make sure if you’re doing ONE thing, it’s investing in yourself. It’s kinda like watering your grass. If you don’t care for it, it will die just like your hair. So invest where it’s needed if you’re struggling. Feel free to tag me in pictures and share your journey with me too. I love a good before and after.

Keep a lookout for my new favorite hair tools and new products I try out as well.