The Perfect Skincare Routine

Let’s start by making this clear: I’m no skincare expert, just someone who is passionate about my skin and using the best and cleanest products. I started taking my skin seriously the last 5 years. I suffered from acne my whole preteen and teen years even up till adulthood. I was never taught the proper way to treat my skin.

I was embarrassed in middle school and high school. My parents never would take me to a dermatologist; they just made me deal with it. So that’s all I knew. I used to use noxzema skin pads to clean my face. Raise your hand if that was you too! Gosh looking back that dried my face out so bad and only made it worse. It left my skin now as an adult with blemishes and scars on my cheeks. I never really opened up about this I guess as I learned better skincare and beauty tips My confidence went up.

I started investing in my skin once I found an amazing esthetician. Let me tell you finding someone knowledgeable in the field and always furthering their education is SO important!! Shout out to Andrea Minor ( las vegas, NV) If you’re a local!

I used to think $30 for a cleanser,$50 for a moisturizer, that’s a lot!! This is your skin we’re talking about here! Finding CLEAN, USA-made products is 100% worth every dollar!

Now just remember to give it time. It’s not something that will change overnight!

I'm a better person when I'm moisturized.

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The great thing about Le Mieux is they have something for everything: dry skin, oily skin, and balanced skin. My skin is a mixture honestly some days it’s super dry and other days it’s oily as can be. Vegas has such a dry climate so I always moisturize the heck out of my skin. 

If you don’t have a skincare routine down yet It’s not too late to get started! Even if you can’t grab all these products, starting with a good cleanser and moisturizer is perfect. That’s what I started with and then built up my cleansing kit little by little. 

I would love to hear your favorite products or if you decide to try out Le Mieux tag me on IG and leave a comment below.

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