Shop My Spring Sephora Sale Picks

The best beauty item must haves!

Every year, we all wait until the Sephora Spring sale arrives, so we can stock up on our favorite beauty must-haves!

I’ve compiled a list of my favorite go-to beauty items to help your shopping experience.


#1 is a list of my favorite foundations & concealers. I personally use these. They have been my go-tos for a very long time now. From time to time I will add in some new foundations and concealers but these are the ones that ride hard for me. FULL coverage and no creasing!! Pair that with my favorite setting powder and you’re good to go!!

#2 My favorite shampoo set is Olaplex- it’s a must! It restored my hair and kept my blonde looking soooo healthy. I can’t even explain how much it’s done for me. By now my hair would be a hot mess; breaking off and damaged. So if you struggle with bad breakage and colored hair, then pick this Olaplex set up And if you haven’t read my post on healthy hair habits, check it out!

#3 A bunch of random favorites from mascara to my favorite setting powder to my go-to brow dip for 10 years now!! Grab them all because they are a must-have!

#4 Perfume sample gift sets. The reason I love these so much is that I’m always looking for that new scent without buying a whole dang bottle of it. These are the perfect gifts. They can sample them all and then pick a full-size bottle of their favorite one! YES, a FULL-sized bottle!! Genius!

#5 Lippies- I cannot wait to grab some of my old favs plus some new goodies. I stock up on the more pricey ones during the sale so I can save a little. Bobbi Brown, Tom Ford, and YSL oh my!

Rouge Members get first access and get to shop 4/9-4/19 (20% off)

VIB Members get access 4/13-4/19 (15% off)

Beauty Insider Members get access 4/15-4/19 (10% off)

Use code: OMGSPRING 

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I can’t wait to see what you all grab! As always leave a comment and tag me on INSTAGRAM so I can see! 


Melissa Anne