Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother; the Glue that holds it all together when everything is falling apart

This Mother’s day should be extra special! The trials and tribulations we as mothers endured this year wow we all deserve to be pampered and held high up on a thrown j/k kinda….

Most of us had to learn how to work from home plus be a mom but also a teacher all at the same time. Don’t forget a chef, a doctor, a cleaning lady, a taxi, and a stylist. The list goes on.

I know many times I broke down and cried from being exhausted and heartbroken feeling my kid’s pain of not being able to see their friends or peers. Wow, we surely overcame a lot, we are strong!

I also never understood a mother’s love until I had my own kids. You truly have a purpose in life.

We as mothers often don’t get enough credit for running a household and making sure the kids are always taken care of. We often put ourselves on the back burner to take care of others.

This Mother’s day you deserve all the love and pampering.

Wishing you the happiest Mother’s Day! You are important and so needed!

Here are a few special gifts I know as a mother I love receiving:

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More Of My Mothers Day Wants

Besides the items listed in my gift guide, I polled Instagram and my followers said they would love a relaxing spa day! So men & children listen up! Get your mama a spa day so she can relax, kick back and enjoy a massage!

I also know you would love skincare set from le Mieux. They have some amazing sets you can grab and she will thank you later for having such amazing silky smooth skin…

Other gifts I think any mother would love are some delicious smelling bath bombs, shower steamers, and body scrubs. IM OBSESSED with shes a small business and makes everything handmade they’re vegan and clean products. Be sure to check her out and use code “MA10” for a discount.